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About Equine Muscle Maintenance | Equine Muscle Maintenance

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About Equine Muscle Maintenance

About Equine Muscle Maintenance

The love that he has for hooved animals began in childhood and is no more evident than in this example: While vacationing in Greece, his parents gave him money to buy anything he wanted at the local bazaar. No one anticipated that he would come back with a baby donkey in tow. He was 9 years old and that love and passion has paved the way for what is now his occupation.

Steve Bourmas, or “LaserMan” as he is known from coast to coast in the industry, is considered the leading expert on Equine Photobiostimulation Sports therapy in American Thoroughbred and Standardbred racing. As a therapist, Steve has worked simultaneously on human and equine clients, preparing horses for Graded Stakes Races and football players for the NFL playoffs. This has enabled him to establish and adapt protocols that have benefited both the human and equine athletes. Through his experience working with racehorses of all classes, Steve has developed techniques beyond the typical protocols for hocks, knees, back, and joints. His protocols for rehabilitation, pre-performance conditioning, maintenance, and post- performance therapy are designed to get results and protect the racehorses. These protocols have led to multiple major and graded stakes wins, track records, a world record, a Breeders Crown win, and a Breeders Cup win.

According to a well-respected trainer, Steve has a keen eye and unique way of examining a horse, which enables him to forecast how each musculoskeletal dysfunction, could affect the horse and what needs to be done immediately to stabilize the situation and prevent further damage. The trainer also noted that he had never before encountered an equine therapist who had the knowledge and ability to treat the needs of an individual racehorse in a way that directly enhances its performance in a race. When Steve works on racehorses over a period of time, they actually get better, faster, stronger, and more consistent. If you’re in the racing game, you CAN’T afford not to use LaserMan!

In addition to being a Specialist in Equine Photobiostimulation Therapy, Steve is an Equine Therapist certified and trained in many modalities that complement his specialty. He is also a Nationally Certified Licensed Massage Therapist and Nationally Certified Photobiostimulation Therapist who has worked on NFL, NBA, and MLB athletes. Steve resides in the Chicagoland area with his wife Jennifer, son Dimitri, daughter Emma, and bulldog Tulip.

Taking care of your athlete’s body is one of your most important responsibilities and a great investment. LaserMan can help you meet that responsibility and protect your investment while working synergistically with barn or stable.