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Speciality Services | Equine Muscle Maintenance

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Speciality Services

Therapy Services – Specialities

To be successful in the horseracing industry, an Equine Athlete must be sound enough to meet the demands of training and competition. The Principle of Overload is a critical component for strength and endurance, but the success of a training program and a horse’s fitness level are contingent upon the soundness of the horse. The Equine Athletic body will begin to break down when it is overused, under-recovered, or injured. Then microtears or adhesions in soft tissues occur and can lead to a loss of flexibility, range of motion, joint mobility, muscle endurance, and fluidity of gait. Horses protect themselves when responding to pain and compensate for weaknesses, tightness, or structural irregularities. Over time compensation patterns trigger protective gaits and reluctant motion that decrease range of motion, stride length, muscular strength, and ultimately performance.

Using state of the art technology, Equine Muscle Maintenance is leading the way in providing the latest treatments for Equine Athletic Rehabilitation along with its innovative Pre-performance, Post-performance, and Maintenance protocols. The foundation of Equine Muscle Maintenance is a progressive and noninvasive approach to healing that focuses on the Equine Athlete as a whole, not just its symptoms or problem areas. Our holistic approach to treatment enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself and promotes health.

Our approach helps strengthen muscles and improve tissues, thus reducing the potential for injury and increasing the efficiency of movement. With our whole body maintenance protocols, your horse will exhibit improved flexibility, mobility, and balance. Our methodology makes a difference! Just take a look at our documented results to find out what our treatments can do.

Our Specialty Services include:

  • Strengthening Muscles
  • Preventing Pain & Injury
  • Improving Well-Being & Focus
  • Restoring Confidence

When these specialty services are implemented,
Horses tend to:

  • run faster
  • perform at a consistent level
  • stride out longer with greater ease and fluidity
  • relax more fully
  • rarely act rank
  • become calmer and rest longer
  • develop a more positive and confident attitude
  • become somatically stronger
  • conserve energy in a race
  • recover more quickly after a race
Our therapy protocols and treatments are tailored to the specific individual needs of the Equine Athlete. The Equine Athlete’s body dictates treatment schedule and approach.

Our protocols can help your horse recover from injury, build up and energize a horse before a race, and provide musculoskeletal restoration following a race. The treatments can also maintain your horse during its training program. We tailor our treatments to meet your horse’s needs so it can consistently perform at its best.

Equine Muscle Maintenance has built a reputation in the Racing World by providing results that can be counted on. Take a look at what we can do, and let’s talk about establishing a long-term, ongoing relationship with your barn. Your horses will benefit from such a relationship because Equine Muscle Maintenance will be able to continually assess and address their needs.

  • Enhancing Performance
  • Improving Range of Motion
  • Restoring Flexibility
  • Improving Ability
  • Restoring Homeostasis
  • Lengthening Stride
  • Restoring Efficiency of Gait
  • Stopping Pain and Actually Healing
Maintaining and keeping a horse in condition is as important as helping a horse have a breakthrough performance. Equine Muscle Maintenance can help you achieve both goals.