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Therapy Services | Equine Muscle Maintenance

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Therapy Services

Welcome to a unique therapy program designed to promote the health and vigor of your Equine Athlete.

At Equine Muscle Maintenance, we facilitate the body’s remarkable ability to heal itself when injured or stressed. We break the pain cycle by seeking out and treating the cause of pain, not just the observable symptoms. Our experience and proven therapy programs ensure that your sport horse or Champion Racehorse will receive the therapy it needs.

We offer High-Power Deep-Tissue pain-relief laser therapy combined with a variety of modalities that deliver unprecedented results. At Equine Muscle Maintenance, we are continually training and incorporating modalities to complement our already successful and proven practices. By combining modalities, we have developed a program that treats root causes. No longer do you have to rely on ineffective therapies that merely mask or temporarily alleviate pain.

Deep Tissue Photobiostimulation or Laser Therapy is our primary treatment that can be applied by itself or with any combination of the following services:

Equine Sports Massage Therapy
Cranial Sacral Therapy
Needleless Acupuncture
Trigger Point Therapy
Neurological Therapy
Neuromuscular Therapy
Cryotherapy Therapy (Cold)
Joint Mobilization
Musculoskeletal Renovation
Equine Acupressure
Myofascial Release Therapy
Isolated Stretching

We treat a wide spectrum of common musculoskeletal conditions and injuries:

Soft Tissue Injuries—Backs, Tendons, Buck Shins, Suspensory Disorders, Sprains and Strains
Joint Conditions— Degenerative Disease, Sesamoiditis, Strains, Osselets, Arthritis, Sacral Iliac
Hoof Disorders— Laminitis and Navicular Syndrome
Acute and Chronic Pain—Myositis, Reduction of Scar tissue, Post Op, Reduction of Inflammation

Additional Services

Aiding in Ossification (Bone Growth) Photobiostimulation is incredibly successful in assisting bone growth and healing fractures through the recruitment of osteoblasts by cell differentiation. We have been successful with OCDs that were drilled or surgically repaired, remodeling (closing) of knees, and accelerated healing of fractures, with or without screw insert.

Wound Healing Photonic energy facilitates Epithelialization to heal wounds at an accelerated rate (six times faster) while preventing infection and swelling.

As you can see, at Equine Muscle Maintenance, we have the capability to effectively treat common problems and ailments because we don’t just treat the symptoms of your equine’s dysfunction. We identify and address the underlying problems. With the exception of blunt trauma, many injuries are caused by underlying problems that are not always evident. We excel in finding and treating the source of these problems.

For details about our services, see our “Specialty” section.

Professional human athletes receive bodywork and therapy on a regular basis. So should equine athletes.